The Comparison Hangover



Living over 2,000 miles from most of my family and friends means that I need an easy way to keep in touch with them and update on what’s going on in my life, as well as see how things are going with them. Without Facebook I would never know about the cute things my oldest nephew has been saying, how big my friend’s baby is getting, or that my cousin has been ill but is keeping a good outlook on life. As any good thing, without moderation it can become bad.

Social networking has become so much a part of our society that it almost seems extreme if someone does not participate in it. The other day I read this article of things that can “sink you mood”. Number two hit me right between the eyes. It was like a light turned on inside my brain, “That’s why I feel this way”. Here is what it said: 



“Spending too much time on a social network like Facebook can give you “a comparison hangover.”

“I first heard [this term] from Marie Forleo, which describes the crummy feelings you get after engaging in way too much envy-stoking behavior, especially without the full picture of what someone else’s life is really like,” said Ashley Eder, LPC, a psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado. How do you know when too much is too much? “When you find the smile from reading up on your friends’ lives has faded,” she said.”




It made so much sense.


In the place that I am in right now I tend to spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at how I can decorate and arrange a place once I get one. What I can buy once we have money. How I can shop and coupon once we have our own refrigerator  Even how I can clean and organize once there is something to organize. Unfortunately those things take my mind away from living in the now. I tend to dream about what could be and will be, instead of embracing what is


So with Facebook I am going to try to make sure I still stay connected, without spending hours on there a day. Stopping if my smile fades when I read up on their lives. With Pinterest I am making a conscious effort to not go browsing, but only look for specific things that I’m in need of now. As my friend at work keeps telling me, “Life is good, even when its bad”. I want to be able to see the good in MY life, so I need to stop drowning it out with someone else’s “good” that I don’t even know the whole story behind.  


I hope this encourages you to moderate anything in your life that causes you to not live in and focus on your “good”. Whether that be Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, Amazon, the mall, magazines, etc. 



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