The Coffee Mug

You are going to think that I am insane, but there is this coffee mug that belongs to our roommates that I hate using. In fact I avoid it at all cost. Even if that means taking one out of the dish washer and washing it.

I used it the first morning I lived with them. I was sipping my tea and trying to let go of all my stressful and exciting thoughts about life in this new city and moving again, when I looked down and read the words on the side of the mug in my hands.

Retail Therapy. Comfort Food.

Suddenly I wanted mac and cheese. Reeses Cups. Mashed potatoes smothered in butter and salt. I wanted to drown out my stress in comfort food instead of sip it away with a cup of tea and some quiet time. What had just happened? Had those two little words subconsciously changed my mood and way of cooping?


I’m learning more and more that it is our outlook on life and what/who we surround ourselves with, that can most impact the sunshine on our current journey. If a certain one of my friends sat down on a rough morning and read the words retail therapy, she would be calling me later regretfully (or maybe happily) with stories of bargains and new shoes. In society we love to use those things to cope. Are they really what we should be accepting as norm? If we constantly place reminders in front of us of what so and so has, or what we someday want, we will never be content with what we have. If you are continually diving into sugary, greasy plates of delight. You will never want to eat the nutritious foods that your body needs.

It sounds so ridiculous, so silly, so trivial. Yet, such a little thing is so impacting. Think about what little things, phrases, norms that you have surrounded yourself with (or just blindly accepted) that could be affecting your long term happiness or fulness of life. Maybe it is time to weed things out of your life, sight, and mindsets and start having peace instead.


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