Behind the Bush

While taking my dog out to use the bathroom (at unreasonable hours of the night) I started to think about how he always uses the same place to poop. (I know, yucky word) He has this one bush that he crawls behind and goes to the bathroom. Fertilizing the plant and making it so that no one has to worry about stepping in doggy poop when they walk across the lawn. It’s actually really nice. The other day I DID step in dog poop though, from someone else’s dog. Their dog choose to poop in the middle of the lawn and the owner choose to not pick it up and throw it away (I understand it happens sometimes, we all get tired and busy).

It reminded me of something that I have been struggling with at work. There is so much stress that I have NOT been dealing with it as well as I would like. Everyone eventually has to poop (let out the stress, vent to someone, have their “crap” come to the surface) but where we do that can affect other people significantly. Do we spew it out onto the lawn where everyone else is and will “step into it” and get it “stuck to their shoes”? Or, do we go behind the bush, to the same place every time, and let it all go there. Far away from where it will harm others and where it will fertilize something. I like to think of that “bush” as our prayer closet. Where we can let all the junk go to the One who will take it all and make it something to fertilize and grow us, and save those around us from the grossness of “poop”.



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