FREE Kindle Books

I recently discovered Bookbub, which is an awesome way to keep updated on FREE or reduced price books for the Kindle. When you sign up it will as for your email address and your preference in books. Then they send you emails with a few deals each day that you can see the price and a brief description of the book. If you are interested you click on the link and go to Amazon where you complete your purchase. (even if the book is free you have to “purchase it through your Amazon account so that it is saved and available for you, but you will not be charged)

Click on the link below to sign up for FREE ebooks


If you DO NOT have a Kindle, no worries. You can download FREE Kindle apps on most smart phones and for your computer you can use the Kindle Cloud App.

*Some books are free only through Prime (which you can sign up for a free trial of through Amazon) Most are just free, no strings attached. It is not uncommon for Amazon to offer ebooks free or at a discounted price, but BookBub just takes out the work of searching for them.


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