Shake the Jar

When my husband and I got married we did a unity sand jar. It started with the pastor pouring white sand in the bottom of the jar to represent God as our foundation, then we each poured some sand of our respective colors in to represent our individual lives, and last we all three poured in the rest of our sand at the same time finishing the layers. It was a unique way of showing our unity with each other and God to those attending our ceremony, and then it could sit in our house and remind us the rest of our lives of that moment. After the ceremony we poured hot wax to seal the top of the jar so the sand would not spill out. The next day as we were gathering together all of our things from the wedding, we noticed that the jar had tipped over in the car on the way home. Now what was once three distinct colors of sand, was thoroughly and evenly mixed together and could no longer be defined as three separate colors. They were so integrated they could never again be separated or individual.
It was beautiful.
A perfect example of what our life now is.
No longer two separate lives, one life combined with God as our glue and foundation.
So if you have a sand jar, next time you are frustrated or going through a rough time with your spouse. Go grab that glass jar and shake it up. Reminding yourselves that you are one in the deepest way and nothing can now separate what God has brought together.

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