Since I can remember migraines have been a part of  my life. When I was a kid they would come with the pollen of spring and almost nothing would relieve them. As I got older they came from stress as well as the routine migraine that came for no reason except that it was “time for one”. Like clock work every 3 months for about 3-4 days I would get a migraine that nothing could relieve. Excedrin helped for a few hours a day, and at night they got worse. I would fall asleep (eventually) with a heating pad on my back and a cold washcloth on my forehead.

Last winter I decided I was sick of these migraines and I would look for some home cures. I found a few. Peppermint tea. Pressure points in your hands that relieve tension in the back. ACV (apple cider vinegar). At first I was a little skeptic, but I was desperate. I started by taking tablespoons like shots. All I can say is YUCK! The taste was so strong. So I started mixing it with water. About 1 or 2 tablespoons to 8oz of water. Tasted much better. Guess what…it worked.

Come to find out AVC helps to balance out your body’s blood PH. (now some studies say this is not proven and it does not work the same for everyone) I had discovered not too long ago that your blood PH can affect a lot things heath wise (I had been very sick and my body was shutting down when I reached out to a friend who was studying and being to practice Wellness Healing) including energy and the bodies ability to fight sickness.

Now whenever I feel a headache starting (and sometimes just cause I feel like I need it) I will put a few tablespoons of AVC in a bottle of water and drink it. I have not had a migraine in at least 4 months.

AVC is also good for other ailments (again these facts are disputed and not “proved” but have helped many people). Heart burn will be helped by AVC, again the whole acid balancing thing. There are those who claim it can help intestinal issues (I have some intestinal issues that can get quite bad, I find when I am drinking AVC it does help a little).

If you know of any good uses for AVC or of its healthy qualities let me know so that I can update this article.


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