Baking Soda Uses

     When I was a kid and we would run out of tooth paste, my mother would mix together baking soda and water in a little cup and we would use that. Oh how I hated the taste, but little did I know how well it worked. Now that I am an adult I have started to use this little trick again. Not just when I run out of tooth paste, but when ever I feel plaque building up or my teeth staring to hurt or get sensitive. It works so well and your teeth feel much smoother after. (I can tolerate the taste a lot better too)

She also would have us drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda in it when we had beans to stop our stomachs from getting too gassy. (now I know that if you add baking soda in the cooking process it helps the same way)

My grandma always had a box of baking soda open in her refrigerator to absorb gross odors. She also used it to help scrub and clean (like comet).

I have found out through some Pinteresting and googling that baking soda is a lot like 409, it has many great uses. The best thing about it is that it’s cheap ($3 for a large box) and not a harsh chemical (like so many things we use these days).

Here are a few of the amazing uses of Baking Soda that I have discovered and tried (some of them I still plan on trying, but haven’t gotten there yet)

Bathtub Scrub

Face Wash

Homemade Glowstick


Remove Splinters

I also found this list of 51 Uses for Baking Soda

If you are looking for chemical free, cheap household/personal cleaner
baking soda can be your new best friend!

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