Before You Post that Facebook Status

Why are you posting that status to Facebook?

I have a friend who recently said she was deleting her Facebook because too many people were gossiping about “prayer requests” that she was posting in her status. A different friend who asks constantly for for advise, yet never follows any of what people comment for him. Another friend who lets the Facebook world know every little plan for his life before it is set in stone, then gets upset when people disagree with his decisions or challenge him to think before he leaps.

What is the heart behind the post?

Are you secretly hoping someone will ask what is wrong? Are you bringing up things that are meant for private conversations? Should you ask counsel from a few wise elders and peers, instead of the whole Facebook world? Stop and think about why you are posting your status and if it is appropriate to share with everyone.

Are you being so vague because you want people to ask? This is a needy approach. Not very mature and not becoming. It would be awkward for something in a group of people to sigh and out of the blue say, “I wish it wasn’t like this.” then everyone pauses and someone cautiously asks, “Like what?” It is inevitable for someone to ask what’s wrong if you leave vague details on a status. That is not the way an upright woman should deal with her issues.

If you do post prayer requests, make sure they are something that you WANT the entire world to know about and that you are specific in the original post (and it is appropriate to tell the entire world, they honestly don’t need to know everything) If you are posting about a life event make sure it is 100% solid, and that major people already have heard about it. (mom and dad do not want to hear about your pregnancy through Facebook)  If you are asking for advise, don’t do it through a Facebook status (unless it is something that the general public poll will assist. For example “What kind of laundry soap gets grass stains out?”, not “What should I do to fix my relationship with my fiancee, we always fight?”) There are something that you do not need the naysayers, negative,  and immature vibes coming out to attack. Those should be private messages to a few honorable, reliable elders or peers.

Social media can make it very easy to reach a large group of people, but it can also make it easy to disconnect with the way we are reaching them. Its easy to complain to a website about how our husband didn’t take out the trash again or to vent about how we think we are going to move again, maybe. Yet, it may not always be the best face to put forward. We should be real as we are in the flesh  in social networking, but we should not put out a negative or immature image of ourselves or the things in our lives. Next time you are about to hit enter, think “Will this benefit me? Will it benefit those who read it? What is the heart behind this post?”. Let the words of your fingertips, be a pleasing aroma.


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