Chem Free Cleaning

I’ve really been into “home remedies” for things lately. Whether that be medicinal, cleaners, or simple solutions for everyday issues. I have made some really great discoveries, most of them I have been able to put into use and work great. Some of them I am still waiting to try. There are so many toxins in things we use and digest everyday. Even me being around those things can affect future life. Therefore, I’m trying to find some Chemical Free substitutions for everyday toxins we use.

Below are a few of the discoveries I have made so far:

Windex/All purpose cleaner   —->   Mix 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle

Mosquito Repellent  —->  Homemade Repellent Recipe

Face Mask    —->   Organic Face Mask Recipe

Hair Repair   —->   Vinegar Hair Rinse

Candles or diffusers —-> Home Deordorizer

Pine-sol   —->    Floor Cleaner

Shout  —->  Remover grease stains on clothes

Lysol  —->  Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Febreeze   —->   Homemade Air Freshener Spray 

Chapstick/Lipgloss   —->  Lip Balm

Antibiotics   —->  Oil of Oregano

Raid   —->  Ants be gone

Acne Cream  —>  Lemon/honey

Upholstery Cleaner  —-> Clean a microfiber couch

Weed Killer —->  Homemade weed Killer

Scrubbing Bubbles —->  Tub cleaner

Also see: AVC and Baking Soda Uses

*These recipes are also awesome for people with sensitive skin, allergies, glutton intolerance, etc who have a hard time with traditional products that you buy in the store with harsh ingredients.

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