Decorating for the Holidays


I finally decided to set aside some time to decorate for the holidays. In a small space decorating can feel cluttery, so I kept it really simple.

Here are the “Joy” glass bottles I made for the window decoration. I haven’t set up the lights yet, but they will be strung along the sill with the pearls and beads.


I made them out of bottles that I soaked the labels of off and scrubbed off the sticky residue with an old kitchen sponge.


I didn’t have any red paint, so I used nail polish to paint on the letters and snow flakes.



In the bathroom I put some cute Christmas tins for decoration (and to hold feminine products out of sight)



And the last little project was this string of “Merry Christmas” bulbs. I wrote the letters on mini Christmas bulbs with permanent marker, replacing the first “e” and last “a” with a sparkle snow flake. I strung them onto gold beads and spaced them basically evenly.



Merry Christmas !!!



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