Normally this time of year I am running around like crazy crunching numbers and comparing ads. (ok, so its more like a week and a half from now I’m doing all that) This year is a little different for us because of circumstances, so you won’t find me desperately trying to something for my brother or “in aw” wandering the aisles of Toys R’ Us.   The other night I did get a rare treat. 3 hrs and $25 dollars to spend all to my self! (well, in the midst of it I did end up running home and doing something for my husband, but for the most part I was uninterrupted) I’m not one that promotes “retail therapy” or “extreme couponing”, but sometimes a good bargain is just what a woman needs to de-stress, brighten her mood, and get some “me time” in. There is balance in everything. Shopping. Me time. Searching for a deal. Work. Cleaning.

We had received Christmas cards in the mail with some money inside that was specified for each of us. We decided that it would not be used for bills, necessities, or to go out together. We could each spend the money however we choose. Now many of you are thinking, “$25?!?! Really? That is barley anything.” For me it was more than I had gone out and shamelessly spent on myself however I wanted in a long time. So I went to some of my favorite stores for bargain clothes shopping and this is what I found:


(excuse the poor photos) Top left is a black top made of a polyester/cotton blend that has a front pocket and no hood, but instead a drape around neckline that comes to a V. (very warm, comfy, good quality, and flattering) Below that is a dress/shirt that has a shiny neckline. (Will look great with skinny jeans or leggings and probably that brown belt I bought too) Then there is the polka dot tote bag. Top right is a necklace earring set, nail polish, and brown thin belt. And last but not least a silver/lace top for the Holidays.

7 items. $24. I feel like an accomplished, feminine woman who has amazing things that will make her look great and best of all… no buyers remorse.

Go have some “Me Time”.

If you like to find bargains and shopping is a relaxing activity for you, then go rejuvenate that side of being a woman! Make a time when you can go by yourself (or with a friend who also likes this type of shopping) uninterrupted for a set amount of time. Use cash (leave the cards at home) to prevent buyers remorse. When you are done look at all the things you got for so little. It can feel great.

** This isn’t for everyone. I understand some people tend to obsess over material things and are shop-aholics. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. There are also those who don’t like to buy things that are less expensive or search for a bargain. This type of “me time” is NOT FOR YOU. This is geared towards the woman who never gets a chance to go shopping for herself and does not want to overspend. I am not encouraging overspending, materialism, or selfishness.


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