Wake Up…and Fall in Love all Over Again


Wake up and fall in love all over again

Sunday is our family/ recover from the week day. This morning as I was waking up I was filled with love and gratitude for my husband and my life. I took a deep breathe and smiled. I am so blessed to have a love that is rich, deep and built on trust and hard work. There are so many couples out there that do not have these things. Daily I remind myself to never take it for granted. I watch TV, see other’s relationships, hear woman talk down about their husbands and I am saddened; wishing that everyone could find what we have. Here are few things that I do to help me fall in love all over again. (though often it barely takes any work, there are days and seasons that it does take a conscious effort) Perhaps they will help you in your relationship a well.

Stare at him while he sleeps. Because of our schedules I usually wake up before my husband, even on our day off. I often lay there and stare at him, smiling like a school girl. While I drool and snore a little in my sleep, he looks so handsome and peaceful.

Appreciate and thank him, personally and genuinely. Be specific in what you are grateful for and how it makes you feel.

Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family, I know that I never have to worry because you take good care of us.

I appreciate that you make time for date night every week, it makes me feel like a priority.

I really needed that extra 5 minutes this morning, thank you for cleaning up the dog vomit.

Thank you for listening as I vented about work, I needed someone to just bounce those thoughts off of.

Save and reread love letters. I have several letters my husband wrote me before we were married, and a few emails and chat conversations that I have saved. One of the letters I keep folded in my wallet. Another one I framed with one of my favorite pictures of us and hung it in our bedroom at our old apartment. When I’m having a rough day (or a good day) those letters remind me of his deep love and butterflies return to my stomach.

Listen to music that reminds you of good times together. I still have the playlist on my itunes of music from our wedding. I also have a playlist of songs that remind me of our relationship and love for each other. For me, music is a huge memory trigger and pulls on my heart strings. Surprise him.

Be spontaneous and unique. I know my husband likes coke, he drinks it all the time. I did not know what his favorite desert was. So I called up my mother-in-law and found out to make it for him one night. It was a pleasant surprise that he did not expect for me to know to make for him.

What do you do to help remind you of the deep love and fall head over heals daily?


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