Stocking Stuffers for Husbands



I am so bad at buying presents for people. As soon as I get into the store, I forget who likes what. Men I find especially difficult to buy for because they seem to like more expensive “toys”. (a new customized computer isn’t exactly in the budget) Even though we aren’t doing much for Christmas this year, because of circumstances and business, I still wanted to fill my husband a stocking so he would have something to open Christmas morning. I went to the store and this is what I ended up with:


1. Mini Nerf Gun (to bring out the big kid in him …and I’m sure our dog will love getting “hunted” by dad)

2. His favorite gum (trident layers)

3. One of his favorite candies (Charleston Chew)

4. A favorite snack (hazelnut wafers)

5. Design Your Own Mug (a coffee cup that you can unscrew the inside and insert your own custom made design. I’ll be designing something about the “World’s Greatest Husband” and printing it out.)

6. The stocking (he likes green)

Total: $6


Then I purchased a few items that won’t fit in the stocking.

20121222_193512Sparking Apple Cider (which he loves) and Cella’s chocolate covered cherries (that took 5 stores to find). I’m hoping for good weather Christmas afternoon and a picnic by the river, but if not we will stay in and watch a favorite Christmas movie or two.


So grand total was about $11. Most people spend more than that at the drive through. What special things does your husband/significant other love that you are stuffing his stocking with this year?


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