Take 5. Unsubscribe.

My inbox seems to fill up fast with unnecessary emails that either sit there until a purge or get sent to the trash with barely a glance. We all get those emails that tempt us to buy something we don’t need or advertise sales that would have saved us even MORE money if we had never known about them in the first place.
Today I am encouraging you to take 5 and unsubscribe. When you glance at your inbox, take a moment and open one of the advertisements that you know would be more beneficial if you did not receive emails from. Scroll to the bottom of the email. There is usually a link that you can click to “unsubscribe” from their mailing list. Once you click the link it is usually as simple as entering your email address, answering a one question survey, or just clicking “confirm”. Take 5 minutes everyday for a week and do this. Think of how less cluttered your inbox will be now. How much time you will save not having to read or delete those emails everyday. How much money you will save not giving in to those “sales”.
You’ve got nothing to lose but the unnecessary weighing down.


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