Go Get a Hobby

Whether you are a stay at home mom or work 40+ hours a week like me, GO GET A HOBBY. I know we all have our excuses, but honestly  when was the last time you expressed yourself in a healthy way?


Find an activity that you don’t get to do on a daily basis. (Cooking dinner or mending do not count as hobbys of “cooking” or “sewing”) What do you love to do? What have you never tried that you imagine you would love? Today I was able to spend time doing my hobby of sewing. It felt so good to invest into something that makes me, me. Often in the midst of marriage, careers, and family we lose us Our identity is wrapped up in dollar signs and to do lists. Laundry and grocery shopping. Making him happy and making her happy. When it all does slow down for a brief moment and we are faced with the question of, “Who am I?”, all too often we don’t know anymore. The woman we were when we first got married, who used to spend time with her friends and family, or who used to be fun and adventurous is all but a faint memory.

Here are some suggestions if you need help jump starting a hobby:

Sign language class
Pottery (classes or find a local studio for beginners)
Sewing (easy patterns are available at most craft stores)
Painting (you don’t have to be a pro. Express yourself. Take a class. Learn from on-line tutorials)
Musical instrument
Local choir or band
Cooking or baking (on a deeper level than normal)
Running a 5k
Joining a new type of exercise class
Book club
Blogging (its not just for people who have all the time in the world, it can be unique and personal too)
Puzzles (puzzle pieces, sudoku, cross words, etc)
Volunteer (find an organization that energizes and expresses you, not something that will wear you out or use you)
Try a new sport
Learn a new language

As you can see from the list, a hobby doesn’t have to be the same thing forever. It could be a hobby for this season or time. Investing into yourself and creating a healthy outlet will do more good  than you could imagine. A well balanced hobby will help you have more to give in other areas of your life.

I know you’re exhausted at the end of your days, but next time the couch and TV or comfy chair and laptop call for you to “rest”. Think about if a hobby could add more to your life and help you recieve the “you time” needed to be all you need to be in other areas of life. 


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