Cooking Together

I’m sure you have all heard the benefits of sitting down at the kitchen table and eating together as a family. Well, we do not currently have a kitchen table (the move has left us wanting in some areas still) but we still want that quality time that a family dinner provides. Conversation and connecting doesn’t always happen in planned, timed settings. (Often for us its the exact opposite). Yet, the more opportunities you set into play, the more chances that deep, meaningful moments will happen. (Quantity brings quality). So we try to spend time together doing many different things. One of our favorites is cooking.

For me cooking never came naturally. My husband on the other hand I think is a culinary genius. At first this was frustrating, I felt inadequate in the one place I “should” be well trained. After burning an entired pot of chowder and tearfully admitting I had failed, my patient husband poured it down the sink, ordered chinese, ans convinced me it wasn’t the end of the world. Now our times together in the kitchen are fun learning experiences. We build on our knowledge of tastes and flavors, boldly mixing and trying new ingredients and combinations. Often the result is phenomenally delicious. When it isn’t so yummy, that’s ok. We had fun in the process.

It’s not realistic to cook together every night. (Most weeks we’re lucky to get two nights in) When you can, fit those moments in. Let the adventure take you into a moment with the ones you love. Feed your bellies and your souls.



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