Sweat Potato & Pasta with Cheese

Life is never ideal. We pour over Pinterest for hours finding yummy little recipes only to click on one and realise fresh rosemary was not on this week’s shopping list.

So it’sTuesday, and I’m making dinner. Here is the inspirational recipe:



Then there is what we had in the house…




Here is what I ened up doing. (And it came out pretty good if I do say)

While I boiled the water for the pasta (angel hair) I sauteed fresh garlic in olive oil, then added the chopped up sweet potato along with fresh ground salt and pepper. Once the water was boiling I cooked the pasta, drained, and returned to the pan spraying some olive oil to coat the noodles. When the potatoes were almost done I added a pinch of onion powder and 1 tsp of basil. Tossed the potatoes, parmesan cheese, and pasta together.

Dinner is served.


Its not always about having the right recipes or ingredients. Its about having the creativity and flexibility to work with what you have and what is in your budget.

Bon appetite!


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