5 Minute Craft

Happy middle of the week! Usually I have Wednesdays off from work and I use this time to clean and do things around the house. Unfortunately I had to go into work this morning for a few hours. So the house I’ve decided can wait.

I did however get around to a little project. I was picking up sugar on the way home for tomorrow’s coffee and found this:


Perfect container for coffee and tea sugar that can sit on the counter…only its a little ugly. I decided to make it less of an eye sore. If I had decorative paper or colorful contact paper I would have used that, but today I found a page in an old magazine that had tea pots on it. (Thought that was appropriate for sugar). I used Elmers glue to attach the cut out magazine page, adding a little more glue to the edges insuring they won’t peal.


Slightly less of an eye sore. Almost cute.


And best of all, sugar for my coffee.



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