This Week’s Lunch Prep

With the knowledge that the up and coming week is going to be very busy for our household and the fact that grocery shopping just didn’t happen this week, I figured I should take my one afternoon off and prepare some quick lunch options for the week.


Buying large portions of certain items has sure come in handy. I made a large batch of my homemade mac and cheese this afternoon and put it into lunch portion size Rubbermaid for freezing. Easy and quick to grab later in the week and healthier than fastfood.


Then I portioned out snacks. (I need to get smaller ziplock bags, but the quart size haf to do for today) Bugles and fig newtons seperated into snack size portions are set back into the pantry for east access.


A few weeks ago when pineapple was on sale I cut some up and froze it. Now that along with a few leftover oranges will be perfect for this week’s fruit.

We also have the fixings for sandwiches and a few cans of spaghetti O’s (not the healthiest, I know)

So a little less than hour later the week’s lunches are good to go and the dishes are done!

What do you do to prep for a busy week so that your family can eat well on the run? Share with us your methods.


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