Cornbread Bean BBQ Casserole [Eating Well on a Budget]

Eating on a budget can get some people down. I have friends who solely eat organic, others who only eat fresh foods, and some who wouldn’t know what to do with something that wasn’t a TV dinner.
We try to eat as hearty and healthy as we can on a budget. Well rounded meals are important, even if every ingredient isn’t fresh or organic. We can only afford canned, frozen, or generic brands most of the time. We do our best with what we have, and THAT’S OK. Don’t feel discouraged or inadequate if your pantry doesn’t include fresh herbs, organic fruit, or free range meat. You’re doing what’s best for YOU within your means.

Its Friday night and I’m cooking dinner late (per usual with our schedules). This is a recipe I had found in a Campbell’s Cookbook and instantly became a winner in our house. Simple. Relativity quick and easy to put together. Inexpensive! (Approx $5 total for ingredients) And the most important part… delicious.



Brown approx 1lb of ground beef in skillet. Salt and pepper to taste.

Drain meat, saving grease. Stir corn starch into grease making a gravy.

Mix ground beef, gravy, 1-2 cans of red kidney beans (drained and rinsed), and 1 cup of BBQ sauce in casserole dish.

Mix together in separate bowl the corn muffin mix according to the directions on the box.

Bake @ 400 for 15-20 min.

Serve warm with green beans or other favorite green vegetables.

Serves 4



Remember, do what works for YOU.
Live Simply.


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