Your Stage in This Journey

your stage


Everyone is in a different place in their lives. Two people who are the same age, may not be in the same stage of life. Personality, goals, life experience, maturity, and even past hurts affect where one is on this journey we call life. To compare a thirty year old to someone in their early twenties who has it “together” – according to social standard – is not fair. Who are we to judge their stage in life by their age? Who are we to say they need to be married by a certain time? Who are we to say they must go to college, or have a career?

Our social standards are cookie cutters that unique people cannot fit into without losing a part of themselves.

Me, I’m happy where I am at in life. I have friends who are younger than me who have a wife, house, and kids. I have friends who are older than me and are single with a full out career. I also know those who are still trying to figure out who they are and where they want to go in life.

And that’s ok.

We’re not all the same. We aren’t all going to reach certain milestones at the same age or time. I’m SO grateful for that. The diversity and balance that brings to this world is amazing and indispensable.

I don’t know where you are at in your life. I hope that it is where YOU need to be NOW, and not where a social standard has dumped you. May you be all that your life has made you to be for the here and now; not rushing forward to be someone who is not who your life journey’s outcome has designed for you to be.




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