My Saturday Afternoon

This past week has been exhausting and rewarding for both of us. New jobs and new responsabilities left us feeling as if the weekend was our only hope of sanity. Thankfully it has. Here is a little snipit of my stress relief and productivity this sunny day.


Eienstin’s Bagels for breakfast. Late morning date with my hubby. An amazing and relaxing way to catch up after a busy week.



After grocery shopping I portioned out snacks for the week. Taking a lunch is much more cost effective and healthy. (well…we try to make it healthy) I bought large bags and boxes of his favorite snack items and separated them for easy assembly of lunch the night before.



I also bought a few more seeds for my herb garden. Cilantro and Lavender. Planting them was quite the feat as the dog was trying to sniff the new “stuff”.


His and hers hangers for the master closet. Spring cleaning as I add a few more items to the wardrobe and a few exit. My goal this year is to slowly switch out my entire wardrobe and complete the Project 333 challenge. (See for more info. An amazing minimalist source) I successfully reorganized and gave away a bag of clothes today. (Go me!)


Its the little things that make me smile. Like my husband getting me my favorite lemonade. Yum!!


The last thing I want to share with you from my Saturday is this encouraging phrase that my best friend sent me.

Remember, in all the crazy.
In all the sain.
In all the good.
In all the bad.
Breathe deep and be thankful.


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