My “Attempt” at Project 333

I never really saw myself as the type of woman who needed a lot of things. Many times in my life I’ve gone without what most consider “necessity” and have been content. When I first read about Project 333 I thought, “I can do that, no problem”. It was a genius concept that was right up my alley. “33 items per season? Ha! Easy! I doubt I even have 33 items for a season.” Boy was I wrong.


Here is my attempt at Project 333 and what worked for ME. Please go to their website ( to read more about the heart behind this and help with getting started. As always, find what works for YOU.

I started out today by deciding what I would not count in my 33. Undergarments, workout clothes, and pj’s were a given. I decided not to count shoes, jewelry, or accessories my first time around. Also, for work I need to wear specific blouses with the company logo on them (so they’re not versatile at all) and I will not count those.

The rest on my clothes went on the bed where I sorted them into piles.

Definitely keep, for summer.
Definitely keep, not summer.
Give away, now.
Try on, then decide.

I took pictures of and hung up each “keep for summer” item. I folded and placed in appropriate bags “keep, not summer” and “give away” items. Then I was left with that horrible pile.



It took me a little bit to get through this pile, but I did it. Now all that was left was to count.
And the new grand total is…


Not quite there, but definitely an improvement. My goal over the next 3 months is to slowly update my wardrobe. Carefully choosing quality, versatile items. As a new item comes in, an old item MUST leave. By next season I hope to be closer to 33 when I do my wardrobe season switch.

Here are my “37”

**there are a few items missing that needed alterations.

How about you? Are you into minimalist closet? Have you tried Project 333? What closet/wardrobe challenges have you done or attempted?


2 thoughts on “My “Attempt” at Project 333

  1. Love this blog post and your sweet honesty in doing Project 333. The pictures are great. (I love blogs with pictures). I’ve been “playing minimalism” in my closet for years. I looked at Project 333 and though I think Courtney Carver is awesome and adorable, I knew right away I would not be able to pull off only 33 items. But I also knew I needed to challenge myself in a similar way. So I made up a fun project called The Closet Countdown. Start with one category of clothing (shirts, dresses, shoes, etc.) and grab ten of them. Then pick a different category of clothing and grab nine of them. Then so on down to one. (Hence, the “countdown” part). Put away the rest for 100 days. It adds up to 49 items total and I didn’t count jewelry. But I did count socks and underwear. I’m going to start on July 1. Are you still doing Project 333? I’d love to know how it’s going if you are. I’m done rambling for now. Thanks for posting this. Good stuff!

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