How Does Your Garden Grow?

It has taken a little longer than I thought to get these herbs up and growing! But I have seen progress. Last week I transplanted the oregano and dill into pots and out of the square “bed”. This week my cilantro and lavendar are shooting up!

The pots were starting to crowd the window sill, so today I built them a little shelf of their own.


Its tucked right beside the window so the plants will get plenty of sun…and hopefully not knocked over by my extremely nosey dog who MUST see who is walking by at every moment of the day.


Sadly the herbs I transplanted didn’t all make it. If I had left them in the bed, they would have been too crowded. So basically I learned either start them in a slightly larger pot, or only plant a few in a bed.


My new ones on the other hand look amazing!


When I bought the little “bed” for starting the seeds it had a cover to create a “greenhouse affect”. I wanted to do that for my other seeds in the pots too.

These pots are plastic. I bought them 12 for a dollar @ the Dollar Tree. My husband drinks the large bottle water from Ozark. Those empty bottles are PERFECT for making a greenhouse top for my Dollar Tree pots.


I also found plastic cups cut down and other soda/water bottles work good too.


My impatience grows faster than my herb garden, but I am proud of it thus far. Considering I’ve killed a cactus and a bamboo plant (No green thumbs here) I think this is going quite well.



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