Excited About Grocery Shopping

Some people look at me weird when I get excited about groceries. For me its a big deal. Growing up my family had enough, but never had a surplus. We only bought the necessities. As I’ve been an adult groceries have gotten so expensive. How am I supposed to be healthy if I can only afford ramen and canned vegetables?  (There are still days we eat those, but we try not to as much).

This is what my refrigerator looks like after grocery shopping this week:


Yah for vegetables! (The cabbage was from last week so its wilting) I am so excited for vegetable soup and fresh veggies for snacks at work. It felt so good to spend $44 and 70% of what we purchased was FRESH fruits and veggies.


When you’re on a tight budget, the little things add up. Why should our stomachs have to suffer?

Speaking of tight budgets, I went on a Dollar Tree trip today as well. I absolutely LOVE the everyday items I can get there.

You can live within your means.

Here are some of the deals I grabbed today:


1. Aspirin – 140 count. Same quality as anywhere else.
2. Scissors – sharp and sturdy enough for around the house and my crafting projects (although I still miss my Cutco ones)
3. Veggie Pealer – great for all thos fresh veggies
4. Laundry Basket – foldable, easy to carry. This will make my trips to the laundry mat a bit easier.
5. Herb Garden Supplies – Herb seed starter kit and 12 pack of mini plant pots. I’m so excited to start this project!
6. Plastic containers – I’ve been packing my husband’s lunch most mornings, so this 3 pack of reusable plastic containers were perfecr for storing his snacks and sandwiches.

I hope that you’ll find ways and places to make grocery shopping a joy and not a disappointment. That time can be so stressful for many people, but it doesn’t have to be.

How do YOU make the most of your money and enjoy shopping?


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