Sour Patch Shooters

My best friend is coming into town and we’re having a Ladies Night. I’m so excited to see her and spend time with new and old friends. I’m even more excited because I love to entertain, and rarely get the chance. I did a lot of Pinteresting trying to find unique recipes for that night. While I did find a few, I got more inspiration more than anything.


I liked the look and idea of little, bright, summery drinks. While I do enjoy alcohol, half of my friends are either pregnant or choose not to drink. I played around with some items in my cupboards and came up with these cute, non-alcoholic, shooters. (The glasses make them even better)


The sugar rims don’t look as good here, but even if they come out a little clumpy, they’ll still taste delicious.

I used regular sugar. You can dip the tops of the shooters in sugar water and then sugar, or just dab a little sugar onto a slightly damp rim. It all depends on how sweet you want it. (Chunky sugar makes the sour ones more like a Sour Patch gummy taste)


I alternated drinks with glass colors. It looked really summery and cute. Flavors are left to right: sour cherry, sweet sunrise, sour lime, sour grape.


Ingredients were quite simple. Orange juice, sweet and sour mixer, grenadine, sugar, water, koolaid.
I bet a few other flavors of koolaid would work great with this. The tricky part about the koolaid was color and strength. I mixed a concentrated amount of koolaid powder with water and a little of the sweet and sour mix ahead of time to get the right consistency.


The rest were real simple. A little grenadine and oj. (I love the pomegranate, cherry grenadine) Sweet and sour mix with a splash of grenadine. Straight mixer.
**(If you do enjoy alcohol in your drinks, I’m sure flavored vodka would go great here)


I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Get out there and get together with your girls before the summer is over!

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