Project 333 – Fall Wardrobe


My vacation is over, I’m back to work, and a new season is approaching. Its hard to tell in this Texas heat, but “fall” will soon be here. I used this week as an opportunity to prepare for the new season. Time to switch out my 33. It was really exciting considering I have a lot more to choose from this time around and even more versatile items.


I have a few different guidelines that I follow when making my 33. For my job I wear shirts with the company logo that are not versatile or able to be worn any other time. They are not part of my 33. Accessories, jewelry, and shoes are also not part of my 33, but I am weeding through them and only keeping a few select items as part of my closet per season.


I want to take a moment and highlight a few of this season’s items. I am proud of my changes in how I shop and the items I choose. Project 333 has helped me see clothing as more than JUST that. I enjoy the story and the versatility behind each piece.


This was one of those shirts that I bought 3 of them because they were on the clearance rack and never wore them once because they did not suit my body type nor my style. I decided it needed to finally go, then saw this great idea to upcycle it into a cute infinity scarf. Now I have a recycled piece that goes well with my style and type.


This shirt I am super excited about. It was my “ugly shirt project” last week. I went to the local Thrift Store and searched for a shirt that was marked way down and not at all flattering, with the intent to make it something I’d love. It was successful. This piece has a great story, its upcycled, and super comfortable.



The last piece from my fall 33 that I want to highlight is this black cotton dress. It buttons up the front with a cloth belt and pockets. The possibilities are endless. Mixing it with tanks and/or leggings. Dressing it up with jewelry or a different belt. Using it as a light jacket. I think it will become one of my favorites this season.


I think the biggest lesson I’ve received from practicing Project 333 is that it is more about the quality of what you have and the use of it that matters. Whether that be clothes, appliances, relationships, career, etc. If its cheap and easy, but does not fufill what you need, what good is it to have 20 of them?

I hope you enjoyed season 2 of my journey. I’d love to hear from you if you’re practicing a minimalist wardrobe, too.
Don’t forget to check out to find out more about how you can create a capsule wardrobe and look great with less!


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