How I Cut My Hair at Home

I am far from a hair dresser and have never been to beauty school. I am however creative and a penny pincher (circumstances sometimes demands that from us). I have been cutting my own hair ever since I moved away from my favorite hairdresser. (and a few times before that, but those didn’t turn out so well). As of late I have found a pretty fail-proof method for the style I like to keep as I’m growing out my locks. A friend from work told me about this and it honestly works.

What you will need:

  • A pair of hair shears or a really good pair of scissors. (I use my Fiskars. They are very sharp)
  • A comb
  • Hair tie
  • Clips or head band
  • Blow dryer
  • Mirror
  • Faith in yourself and the fact that if it does NOT turn out the way you had hoped, hair always grows back


After washing your hair, while it is still soaking wet, comb and gather it all to the top of your head and hold in place with a hair tie. Make sure it is all even, tight, and tied together at the forehead.


Cut straight across where ever you want the length to be. I usually and just trimming dead ends, so I cut about 1/2 in.

Careful not to cut too short the first time. If you are trying to trim a lot of length be very careful and remember that hair hangs differently when short.


Now you are done with the length. Cutting it like this should produce slight layers.

To cut my bangs I used this video as a reference:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


After my bangs are trimmed I use a similar method – with much less and longer pieces of hair – to trim the hair on the opposite side of my bangs. This prevents it from looking so square and it angles against my face better.


That’s it!

In 15 min I trimmed my own hair and it looks great!

I encourage you to try it once. Remember, hair will always grow back.


3 thoughts on “How I Cut My Hair at Home

  1. I trim my own hair too! In a very similar way. Love the money I save and I feel so damn independent and free because of it. Go you! Great pics and tutorial. I also love your fringe cut. Super cute!

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