Re-Covering a Computer Chair

I’ve had this computer chair for quite a while with the intent of recovering it and making it look halfway acceptable. In the mean time it has sat under sheets or piles of clothes, occasionally being used, and in the process all the little broken pieces of pleather decorating my off-white carpet. I finally sat down and decided to recover it this past week. It took two days (not next to each other) for me to complete the project, but I am very happy that it is finally done and the chair is a part of the living room and not and eyesore.


I got the inspiration from a Pin I saw on Pinterest. My chair was a little more complicated to take apart, but luckily the tools I needed were still in a package stapled to the underside of the chair.

20130910_115536 - Copy

Each chair is going to be a little different, but for the most part they should be able to come apart and back together without too much of an issue. (obviously some newer chairs are more complicated and not all chairs will be able to be recovered).


The first thing I did was unbolt one of the arm rests and put the fabric where I wanted it on the chair. I used an old twin sized sheet. If you are using fabric from the store you will need to measure your chair before purchasing the right amount. Once the fabric was in place I cut small holes where the bolts for the arm rest attached to the chair.


Next, I took the unbolted top of the armrest and covered it. I loosely sewed the fabric around it and carefully tacked the ends down, avoiding the holes where the bolts needed to go, so that it would stay in place as I reattached it to the arm of the chair.

20130910_111034 20130910_11115420130910_11130420130910_111808 - Copy

I reattached the padding to the arm of the chair, first with the center bolt and then the outer two. If you are having a hard time getting the bolt to thread it could be that there is fabric in the way. Make sure the fabric is cut away from the holes.

20130910_11205320130910_112247 - Copy

Lastly I sewed the fabric around the bottom of the chair. If I had a staple gun this would have been much faster and more secure, but you work with what you have.


It isn’t perfect or “Better Homes and Garden’s” worthy, but it is perfect for us. For what we need it for. I’m excited to have finally finished and I hope this tutorial helps you recover those old computer chairs. -TMW

20130910_115654 20130910_115708 20130910_115641 20130910_115632 20130910_115721


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