Going Back to School


It’s that time of year again. Children are going back to school. Not-children-any-more and headed off to universities. Friends and co-workers are signing up for their on-line classes. Here I sit, wondering why I got the degree that I did and why I no longer have the motivation to go after the degree I wanted. Every time that I have said “I’m going to go back to school” or “One day I’ll finish up that degree” it was just empty words of “someday”. I’ve even gone as far as telling everyone that I was signing up for classes the next semester, but one excuse led to another and that semester never came for me.


“I’m too busy”

“We don’t have the money right now”

“I have a lot on my plate already”

“I don’t want to put time, money, and energy into something I won’t ever use”

“My priorities have changed”


The lies and excuses I’ve used could make their own book. I’m not sure that I can pin-point the true reason that I haven’t done it yet.  I think it is somewhere between excuse 4 and 5. My career path has changed dramatically in the past two years. What if I just end up tired, in debt and nothing else. Then what will I have gained?

At the beginning of this year I made a few goals. Run a 5k for a charity that I support their efforts, donate blood for the first time (I hate needles), become at peace with who I am and where I am in my journey. Today I added one more challenge to that list, (none of which I have accomplished, but the year is not up yet) I decided to add: “Complete an on-line course”. I’m most likely going to look back at today a few months from now and go, “what were you thinking adding THAT to the ‘to-do list’ “. However I am positive about the journey of this challenge, no matter the outcome. I have 16 weeks left to the year and 16 units in the class. It is completely up to me to stay on track and complete my work on time. I will have no one to blame but myself. No one to push me and no one to hinder me.

The best part (ok not the BEST part, but I’m as frugal as can be) the course is FREE. I found a site, Open Learning Initiative, where they offer free and open courses. They are using these courses to help educate adults and understand more about how people learn. I have just recently begun, so I do not have a lot of feed back for this yet. So far it seems very helpful and informational.

I guess you’re never too old, too far gone, too off course to try something new (or old) and start over. This time, I’m going back to school.


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