Banana Pancakes

Its Sunday, and also my one day off this week. After sleeping in (the best gift one could ask for) I decided to try a new recipe I had heard a friend of mine talk about. Banana pancakes.

You must first understand that pancakes are my favorite food group of all times. As a little girl it was tradition that every Saturday morning while watching cartoons my dad and I would make pancakes that we would eat until we stuffed and satisfied. We would top them with homemade Maple Syrup that we had made the previous Spring. Weekends were heaven.

I was excited and slightly skeptical to try this recipe. I love bananas, but I also LOVE pancakes. Pancakes with no flour could either be disgusting or revolutionary. After I finished breakfast this morning, I decided on the later.


The ingredients that you need are beyond simple. Bananas. Eggs. That’s it.

I can get bananas at Aldi’s for $0.39/lb and eggs for $0.99/dozen

Make some bacon to go along with the pancakes

Pour some OJ

That’s $7 for breakfast for the whole family.

 20130922_135117 20130922_135306 20130922_135512 20130922_140414 20130922_140432

The texture is similar to a regular pancake. The banana is naturally sweet and buttery, so no need to add anything else.

Super healthy. Absolutely delicious.


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