P33 update – Fall Outfits


It has been almost a month since I started using my Fall P33 Wardrobe. So far I have discovered some amazing things.

1.) 33 items really is a lot. I haven’t even worn all of them yet and I don’t feel as if I’m wearing the same thing everyday.

2.) Short sleeve casual is a must. I was going to an event the other night that I needed something short sleeve, but not too dressy or t-shirt like. I had to pull an item out of storage.

3.) Jewelry is AMAZING! I have started to really pay attention to my jewelry and use specific pieces. They can totally refresh and outfit in seconds.

4.) I do less laundry. Less clothes that are not actually dirty but were tried on and then thrown to the side in the mass chaos of “trying to find something to wear”. Less clothes to wash when they all ARE dirty. Jeans I can usually wear a few times before having to wash, so mixing them up throughout the week means not having to wash 20 pairs of pants at once.


I’m in love so far. I hope you’re also enjoying your Fall 33. -TMW


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