Handmade Curtains

It is Saturday and my weekend (all wrapped up into one day). I got a little restless (and was putting off things I NEED to do today) so I made a trip to one of my new favorite stores, GARDEN RIDGE. I grabbed a curtain rod for the curtains I’ve been making and a canvas print that goes well with the colors in our living room. It says “Delight in the Beauty that surrounds you.” What an amazing message to be reminded of daily. I feel like the apartment is beginning to “come together”. Little things that make it a cozy home. Call it being on a budget. Call it living minimally. Call it starting over 3 times in 2 years. Whatever you call it, it is simple enough for me. I’m enjoying the “simpler” life. Not having enough is stressful, but I am MORE than content with not having too much.


I was able to finally finish those curtains. The coloring in the photos is hard to tell, but the fabric and color are very rich and blend well with the room. Did I mention the deal I got? The printed canvas was 75%. I paid $1.74 for that. Pretty happy with that one. I also had some of the chicken soup I had spoke of in an earlier post for lunch (it was delicious).

20130928_132416 20130928_142728 20130928_142759 20130928_162935 20130928_162942


These curtains were a little time consuming, but extremely easy. A simple 2-inch seam on the top to run through the curtain rod. 1/2 in down the sides, and an almost identical seem at the bottom. I had my curtain rod in place and hung them before I hemmed the bottom.I measured them a quarter inch off the ground. A few great resources I found for making and hanging curtains over vertical blinds were:

How to Hang Curtains Over Vertical Blind

How to Make Your Own Curtains

How to Perfectly Hem Your New Curtains




The bar between out living room and kitchen. The picture of the Daisy was the first thing I hung in our new home when we first moved in.

It was taken by my best friend in the Spring in North Conway, NH at the Mt. Washington Observatory.




This is the other half of our living room. You can see I’m multitasking and watching TV**


The couch and new canvas





Our TV/Computer. The monitor is dual purpose.

There is that amazing chair I re-covered in an earlier post.

Re-Covering a Computer Chair


A view of our mantel. It gives the living room a cozy feel.


Apparently someone is exhausted.

I still have fruit and veggies to cut and freeze. Snack foods to portion out. And classwork to do.


Enjoy your weekend!

**we do not have cable or TV. We use on-line programs to watch television shows and movies.


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