Keep Your Tub Clean

Its the simple things in life that can mean the most and do the most for you. I can’t ever emphasis enough the power of relaxing and having some time to rejuvenate yourself. Why? Because for years I never did and it got me burnt out and feeling under appreciated and less feminine than I should. Now there is an opposite to that spectrum as well. Those ladies who think they should be spoiled everyday and waited on hand and foot and never have to work and… this isn’t justifying that. This is encouraging a healthy balance. A healthy “somewhere in the middle”.

Too many times we let things go because of “priorities”. It is more important that the dishes get done than that our laundry gets hung up. Its more important for the living room to look presentable than the bathtub. It is more important that the grocery list gets completed than painting your nails that are chipped and snagging on everything. Something is almost always more important than… us. As women we tend to see to the needs of others first. Either out of priority, selflessness, or shear desire to “meet expectations”. Today I want to encourage you to make yourself a priority once and a while. Square out some time in the week/day for something to rejuvenate YOU so that you can do everything else.

Keep your bathtub clean…and use it often.

There is something pampering about taking a bath. I never ever used to take them. Then my husband started insisting that I should. He bought me bubbles and candles, locked me in there with a book, and told me to RELAX. If you know me you’ll release that this was NOT RELAXING. I fought it so hard. The first few times I barely sat there for 5 min. I was restless. Anything was more productive than sitting there. The quiet scared me. I was so wrapped up in “do, do, do” that sitting there in the stillness having time for me was not only foreign, but made me feel guilty. I’d think about things that needed to be done. I’d shrink back from the haunting silence. I’d even try to multitask and bring my laptop in the tub with me (not a good idea). Eventually after months of gentle pushing, I started to enjoy baths. It was my time to soak away anything that was bothering me and…relax. I now enjoy the silence, or the chance to read my books. Sometimes its pampering and some days it is simply that my body aches from long hours on my feet. Here is what a relaxing, special pampering night looks like for me.



  • A glass of wine
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Bubble bath
  • Candles
  • Favorite Book


In 20 minutes I am a new woman.





Maybe those things don’t appeal to you, or you cannot do them. Here are some other ideas for a relaxing/pampering 20 min at the end of your day.


  • Lotion – Lather up your body with lotion after your bath/pampering to wake up soft and silky
  • Nails – Give yourself a mani/pedi. Even clear polish can make you feel better about your hands.
  • Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Olive oil for smooth hair
  • Hot Tea – Brew a cup of your favorite leaves and enjoy the relaxing aroma and soothing taste



Honestly, $7 to feeling pampered, relaxed, and like the woman you are. I think you are most definitely worth it. Now the key is, do you?






**My current favorite wine is Oak Leaf. They make a variety of kinds and all of the ones I’ve tasted are great. It isn’t anything super fancy, but for cheap wine it is pretty amazing. It runs about $3.80 at your local Wal-Mart. A lot of other items I mentioned you can pick up at the Dollar Tree if expense is a hindrance to feeling like the confident, relaxed, beautiful woman that you are.



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