Taking Surveys for Money

If any of you out there are like me you have days where there aren’t enough hours in them to complete everything you want, and then there are days that there are not enough things in them to take up all the hours. I feel like I time manager too well some times. Or maybe I just put off certain things and find other stuff to fill that time instead. I have SO many hobbies, a bunch of responsibilities, and I’m trying to stay healthy and fit. On top of that be an amazing over the top wife and pour into relationships around me. Yet, I still have those days where I just want one more thing to do. Something productive that doesn’t drain me too much.



I’ve heard about taking surveys on-line and getting paid for it, but I was always skeptical. How would I know which sites were actually going to pay? Recently a friend of mine told me how she had bought the cute sit and play for her son on Amazon through points she had earned taking surveys. I LOVE Amazon. I have 20 min a day that I spend playing Candy Crush or staring at everyone else’s life on Facebook. Why not use that time to earn points and buy things I want/need on Amazon?


The sites that I am currently using are:

Global Test Market


Ipsos i-say

So far I have found Global Test Market to be the best reward for your time. I’ve been doing it almost everyday for a little under 2 weeks and I almost have enough points for a $25 Amazon card. Honestly its less difficult than Candy Crush and I’m getting paid.

It won’t make you rich overnight. It won’t replace a job. But it is an interesting way to earn extra stuff. Their rewards catalog has much more than Amazon gift cards, too.


If you’re interested give me your email address and I can send you an invite (which gets me points). I forgot, you can also earn points when your friends/family sign up and start taking surveys.


Also I have received emails from the same friend about local marketing opportunities that pay. Her and another friend of mine are going to stand at a Dove booth in Walmart this weekend for a little extra cash. They’re doing that through the GTE Agency.


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