Bargain Tuesday

I had an overwhelmingly long weekend. I don’t think I did much beyond work, eat, sleep. Today was my day off (YIPEE!) So after sleeping in and spending some time with the Hubby I went off to the Thrift Store to find some deals, steals, and project materials. I had read this article yesterday, “Thrift Store Shopping Tips”, and it really helped me focus and get the most out of an hour and a half today. I went with a plan and a budget and came home happy and successful. Here is a look at what I got today:


Above are some amazing fabrics that I carried around the Thrift Store for a while. A sheet, curtain, and bundle of burlap. In the end they weren’t some thing I could use right away (my sewing machine can’t handle fabric that thick and the one I borrowed I have already returned) and they don’t fit in to any of the projects I was planning on doing this week. So in the end I said no, and I’m totally ok with that.


This is my treasure haul from the day. I spent a total of $17.17

Thrift Store:

Dress pants for work (2.42)

Curtain for the bedroom window (3.33)

Shirt for an upcycle project (1.91)

Floral tote bag (1.41)

Garden Ridge:

A reusable shopping bag for my trips to Aldi (0.14)

Canvas art for the bedroom (0.69)

Curtain rod (2.99)

Decor for the Dinning Room (2.99)


Garden Ridge was having 90% off of Clearance. I picked up this 3 piece wall decor set. It was good quality, nothing wrong with it.

Originally $29.99. I paid $2.99. Even the cashier was impressed.


Here is how it looks in our Dinning Room.



I installed the curtain in our bedroom. Galao helped.


The lighting isn’t the greatest, but here is the canvas art hung on the bedroom wall. I might end up painting over it in the future.

For now it matches the new curtain.

20131105_172412 20131105_172404

This bag was my second favorite find of the day. It is a canvas tote bag with 6 pockets, a plastic water resistant/washable inside, and “holes” in the bottom of each pocket. I think it will be great as a mini beach tote or a quick purse/baby bag. For those days when you don’t want to drag everything with you, but have easy access to anything. And its a cute design.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my deals and steals today. Get out there and let me know what YOU find!


2 thoughts on “Bargain Tuesday

  1. You found some great items!! Thanks so much for the shout out on my post with the thrifting tips, I’m so excited to hear you found them helpful. Have a fantastic end to your week. Hugs.

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