Ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets

I love making and receiving homemade gifts. This year I really want to start early an put that into practice. (Hopefully it will happen) Below are some amazing ideas that I found and would like to use.

I plan on using this pattern to make the “Baskets”. Something they can reuse.


buttonRe-purposed Cloth Napkin Baskets

On to more sewing, these cute Holiday coasters.


Sew Christmas

Add a few unique coffee mugs from the Thrift Store, Dollar Tree, or Yard Sales.


Make a big batch and divide into smaller jars or tins, this Chai Mix

DSCF3255_thumb3Chai Mix Recipe

I also want to make these caramels. They are very popular when I make them (it has been a while)


429026_3278359358818_1711277701_nFailproof Caramel Recipe

Of course bake some cookies for the mix

6b3b4d4a09cc54802928df398bf2da6bCookie a Day Recipes

I also found this caramel vodka recipe I’m interested in trying for the Holidays. Not sure if it will make it into the Baskets.


Werther’s Vodka

Her are a few other cute ideas I may make:

coffee cuffCozy

066ebf4f01e906c9640f3ab2a9a31790 d0c98aa651ef59172946bd2f47a9bb6118fb6213b15f31b16ac5c9206c76110eSpiral Soup Mix


Tree Pillow

Last, here are some Gift Basket ideas that helped me get going:

b4fedc08b1208a5f55f84b0f73683ab4101 Fantastic Gift Basket Ideas

49be14faacdc885626de68f83158295fDollar Store Gift Baskets

ed1fb13496bb1736ff6dfb755759ea17How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket



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