Store-All Fabric Baskets

I went bargain shopping this morning and ended up with an AMAZING finished product.


I am so happy with how it went. First I stopped by my favorite Thrift Store and searched through their sheets and curtains. I found a sheet and a bed skirt with gorgeous designs. They were both marked 50%. I ended up paying $4.13 for yards of fabric perfect for this project.

At Joann’s I bought interfacing at 50% off (ya! for deals) .


I followed the pattern that The Sometimes Crafter used her in this tutorial, changing only a few things.

As you can see I added handles, using ribbon ($0.99/yd at Joann’s plus 50% off coupon).

I also added a trim around the top. It didn’t come out as neatly as I would have hoped, but practice makes perfect.


Here are the many purposes of this Store-All Basket.

I plan on using these as Christmas baskets (filling them with other homemade goodies)

I also plan on making a few for the baby. I think a larger one would be great for holding diapers and a smaller few for other baby items.


All together it cost me less than $10 for the materials to make at least 7 baskets.

(I will have to pick up more interfacing if I choose to make all of them with it. I am considering other options to try for making the baskets sturdy)


4 thoughts on “Store-All Fabric Baskets

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