Maternity Fashion – It Isn’t All Downhill From Here


MAternity Fashion



While I am not overly concerned about my looks and whether or not  have the latest fashions, I do still like clothes and being a woman in all that aspect entails. Being pregnant has definitely poked at my self esteem and self image a little bit (something I struggled with in my teens and early twenties). I don’t want to get down in the dumps about it or let the thought “I’m fat and ugly” get the best of me. I am NOT fat, I’m growing a baby! So to remain feeling attractive and womanly beautiful during this time (especially with the ragging hormones that tell me a thousand little lies) I’ve decided to do a few things.

1.) Keep well groomed.

I shower daily (even when I’m not going out that day and feel it is pointless, let me rot!)

I continue to trim my hair regularly. (If you cannot afford to go to the hair dresser on a regular basis try giving yourself a trim at home. It will make you feel FRESH. Make sure it is only a “trim” don’t let those hormones make you do something drastic)

I put on a little make up for work. I don’t always feel like it, and honestly I don’t often wear a lot of makeup. Most days I do try to at least do my hair halfway decent and put on mascara. That little bit can really help boost your mood and make you look and feel more awake and less like a zombie.

Baths, facials, little pampering. You may not feel like doing it. If you do have any energy left at the end of the day, it really will help you feel refreshed.

Nails. I know that everyone has their opinions about nail polish, salons, etc while pregnant.
I personally do not paint my finger nails often, but I am continuing to keep my toes a cute shade (this is once every two or three weeks so I am not exposed to it often). I even plan on getting mine done with a gift certificate I have at a salon for the holidays.

2.) Wear cute stuff

I read some of the best advise I think any pregnant woman can hear about wardrobes and pregnancy. SHOW IT OFF! Don’t try to hide behind black and frumpy clothing. Show that little bump off to the world. Be proud of your little one. That extra few pounds is a bundle of joy growing. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Go through your wardrobe. Not everything is going to fit and look flattering, that’s ok. Go through and decide what does look flattering with the bump and what needs to stay in the attic until after the baby is born. Flowy shirts, long dresses, tights and legging all will grow with you. Set aside the things that won’t work and be creative with the rest. Hit up your favorite second hand shop or Thrift Store and find cute maternity or just over sized items. Going a size or two up in a flattering shirt might be all you need. Those cardigans and jackets, perfect for putting over sleeveless shirts that couture your bump.

Shoes. If they hurt. If they are too high. If they are stretching. Don’t wear them. Find a few at Payless or the secondhand shop. Simple flats that do not squeeze your feet to death should go well with about everything. Unless you live in the North, then get some cozy boots. 🙂

3.) Accessorize

Maybe you can’t afford to get much more to add to your tiny closet. If those 6 outfits that you keep wearing are getting really old and on your nerves, add accessories. They are much cheaper than full outfits and can add fun and charm to your wardrobe. I’ve found scarves to be super flattering. So can a chunky piece of jewelry.

I know everyone is different in how they approach fashion. Whether you are someone who shops boutiques on a regular basis or you are a minimalist, these tips can help you feel less discouraged when facing a new body type. Here are a few articles I found useful while considering maternity fashion. (click on photos to see their maternity fashion ideas and tips)








Also check out my previous post Winter Maternity Wardrobe where I talk about which items I choose to be part of my “33” for this season of the journey.

Here are a few of the outfits that I have made from my “33” that are quite bump flattering. From around the house or running outfits to out for dinner or to a friend’s house clothes.




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