Upcycle Baby Bib – DIY

I have this reusable bag I used to use for crafting and fabric that the handles broke off of. I have been saving it for a project of some sort and tonight I found the PERFECT one. A Baby Bib.

Upcycle baby bib

I am super pleased at how it came out and how easy it was to make. Seriously, it took a total of 20 minutes start to finish.


I started with this reusable crafting bag I had purchased at Jo-Ann’s a few years back. It has definitely got its use in. The handles had ripped off some time back. I had been saving it for a project, I jut hadn’t found one yet, until tonight.




I saw this pin and got excited. Finally! The only problem was, the pin didn’t link to anywhere 😦

So I improvised!

Now, you can look up patterns for DIY bibs, pocket bibs, etc. Or use a bib you already have as a pattern.

I do not have a printer, nor any bibs. I simple drew out a pattern on paper by eye.


Next I traced the pattern on the back of the bag (that side is soft and white)

I only cut out one of the top piece, but two of the bottom piece. My plan is that the piece closest to the baby’s neck is soft on the backside, and when the little one is eating solid foods I am going to turn this into a Pocket-bib.


After sewing the bottom pieces to the top piece (put all straight side together, bottom pieces right side facing in and sew across. Fold down)

I took the binding from the edge of the bag (it was really easy to remove) and pinned, then sewed it to the entire edge of the bib.


Lastly for a fastener I used Velcro. I new this would never go in the wash (it can simply be wiped down with a washcloth) so I used self stick Velcro.


Here is it. All finished!


Now you could leave it like this, or make it a pocket bib by sewing the bottom up a few inches.

I am going to leave it like this, and then sew it into a pocket bib once the baby is eating solid foods that the bib will catch.


There you have it. I hope this inspires you to upcycle and create!



3 thoughts on “Upcycle Baby Bib – DIY

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