Lightweight Baby Blanket Tutorial




Project: Baby Blanket

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: $0 – $5

Time: 20 min

My due date is in June, so in this blistering Texas heat I know that the little one will need some light weight blankets. I made this one today out of old sheets. It cost me nothing (because I had the materials already around the house). I used some of that sheet I bought from the Thrift Store for Christmas baskets and I had an old jersey knit sheet that the dog had chewed a giant hole in the middle of.


I cut the inner fabric (the one with the design) the size of the crib.

41″ x 30″

Then I cut the outer fabric (solid color jersey knit) 3″ larger.

44″ x 33″



Ironing the edges of the outer fabric I made two folds. The grey ended up having about a 1″ edge around the other fabric.



Pinning the fabric in place you may need to adjust and trim. Especially if using jersey knit.


When I got to the corners I sewed around in a square. Never cutting the thread, using one continuous stitch.


There you have it!




Comfy enough that I want one.

Depending on what material you use and how sturdy your stitching is, this is machine washable.

I will have to hand dry mine because of the type of fabric the inside piece is.



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