DIY Infinity Scarf/ Breastfeeding Cover



scarf cover


I have seen these on Pinterest and have been dying to try and make one. They seem like such a great compromise between fashion and function. Just my thing for being a new mom. I finally found this supper easy tutorial that used jersey knit material, and I just so happened to have enough of that old sheet left to try it out.

Here is her tutorial. Super easy to follow. It came out great…. well, almost great.



  • Easy. It took me 15 min tops.
  • Functional and fashionable. Best of both worlds.
  • You can wear it pre-baby or for non-nursing days. It’s cute.
  • Inexpensive. Cost of materials is minimal. (for me it was FREE)


  • Jersey knit is heavy. It would be great in Maine, but not in Texas summer.

Win or Fail:

Definitely a win. I am going to go find some light weight fabric and try this again. You can wear it a hundred different ways, and it can fold up to fit in the diaper bag or purse.


Here is a shot of mine. There was still a tiny hole where the dog had chewed… so I covered it up with a cute swatch of fabric. Barely noticeable when you wear it.




2 thoughts on “DIY Infinity Scarf/ Breastfeeding Cover

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