Monday’s Deals&Steals

thrift shopping


Seeking: Short sleeve shirts that cover the belly, but look really cute (not t-shirts), Yoga pants that don’t make me look like I’m 16 and ghetto, Button down shirts for work that cover the belly without looking frumpy, Cute everyday flats.

Budget: $25

Stores: (my favorite local) Thrift Store, Plato’s Closet (a secondhand resale shop with stylish clothes), Burlington Coat Factory (after Christmas sales)

Time frame: Monday afternoon (my day off)


I was able to spend the entire afternoon all to myself searching deals and enjoying every minute of it.

Stores: JCP, Bath & Body Works, Plato’s Closet, Thrift Store, Ross, Dollar Tree, Pet Co, Target, Garden Ridge, 5 Below.

Budget: I actually only spent $ 20.19 on my shopping. (I did also pick up a few things for the house and our newest addition)

Found: form- fitting shirts that will show off the bump, a sweater, face lotion that is pregnancy safe, a work shirt, my favorite perfume in travel size, an ipad case, maternity pants ( well those were a gift).

I was really y at the end of the day with how my shopping went. I did great sticking to my plan and budget, and I found a lot of what I was looking for. I went to a few extra stores, but stayed on task. When I’d find myself wandering aimlessly or browsing in sections of things far far from my list, I would check out and move on to the next store.

I found some ridiculously good deals at places. It was tempting to buy half the store, but even though that white cardigan was only $1.50, it wasn’t super flattering. I don’t need more items collecting dust in my closet, no matter how “on sale” they are.

I learned something too, it is ok to be picky. Yes, even at Thrift and Secondhand Stores. If you go to the right ones you should have plenty to choose from. I have no shame in trying on 20 things and only buying 2. Those two are worth me putting in my closet because I’m going to wear them and they are going to flatter my body and be functional for me.

Speaking of function. I found a great steal. Dr. Scholls nude wedge shoes for $4. BUT… I don’t have a job where I wear heals, I have a dog, cat, ever growing belly, and live on the second floor. Functional…no. So I put them back.

There are times when you’re going to find brands that you just shouldn’t pass up. It is such a “great deal”. Before you buy ask yourself:

1.) Is it still in good shape?
I found a gap shirt yesterday that was faded. Great brand, but had gotten its use already.

2.) Am I buying it for function or “name”.
Some brands are good quality and you know they’ll last. Some brands are just an expensive name that people wear to try and fit in.

3.) Will it be an essential item six months from now.
I’m not talking seasonal weather, I’m talking does it go with just about anything. Does it fit your personality, needs, and age? If it is just something “in style” that will not work well with other pieces….maybe it should collect dust in someone else’s closet.

Ok here is the breakdown!



Purple 3/4 sleeve sweater. Fossil. $4

Perfect for wearing over tank top or short sleeve shirts and showing off the bump


3/4 sleeve blue shirt. Forever XXI. $3

Fits great around the belly and covers!


Short sleeve scoop neck shirt. Mossimo. $3

LONG enough to last most of the pregnancy



Breathable sports polo. $1.91

Stretches with the belly and helps me not sweat at work


Plum Short sleeve shirt. Sonoma. $1.91

stretchy and good quality material


Green Egyptian Cotton Short sleeve. $1.41

All around comfy



Leather ipad carrying case. $1

Great for throwing in my large purse to keep it from getting scratched up



My favorite B&B scent in travel size. $1.50



Pregnancy safe face lotion $1

I’ve been struggling with dry skin on my face this last month, but I don’t have $30 to spend on lotion. I was super happy with this find.

I also picked up a few things for the house (a laundry hamper on sale at Garden Ridge for $4, a storage box for baby stuff at the Dollar Tree, Kitty Litter for the cat…yes, we now have a cat.)

I hope you enjoyed! Tell me about your great finds 🙂


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