Friday Evenings and Saturday Afternoons

I am not as lethargic as I was the first three months, but even in month four I still find myself more of a stay at home and relax on the weekends kind of person. That is what little of the weekend I actually have free from work. I spent this Friday night up late, not by choice. A few days ago my husband brought home an abandoned cat for a ” trial” phase. Her and our dog fought like… Cats and dogs. All through the night the chased each other, making quite the noises. Then yesterday he brought home Riku, a tiny abandoned puppy. Our dog loved him and the cat was happy the dog’s attention was elsewhere. In the midst of trying to keep everyone happy, I let our Dalmatian chew on his bone a little too long. Although the diarrhea began much earlier, the bone did not reappear until about 4:30 AM. We both left for work at 6 with each animal in a separate room. When I returned, the vomiting and other end had not stopped. Now my poor boy is on the porch with watered down Gatorade while I scrub about 10 different spots of our off white carpet that no longer are so… White. The house smells like something died. The puppy keeps chewing on dad’s sandals and trying to eat kitty liter. The cat is furious and keeps walking across my face and kneading my chest.

We are almost to the halfway point in this pregnancy. Soon a little one will be keeping me up all night. Then the pitter patter of little feet. Someone new will be chasing the cat and our dog will have to learn patience all over again.

So as I sit here overwhelmed, I am also filled with joy. My poor house may be beyond a wreck, but too little pets are getting a second chance at life. If I can make it through today, I can make it through any mess this baby will make. In hindsight it will be all worth it. Joy outlasts the crazy nights of diarrhea. This too, shall pass.








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