New Year’s Resolutions


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t know why, but I feel like those three words are labels for unrealistic, unobtainable promises that are bound to be broken. I know that “Goals” and “Resolutions” might not sound so different to most people, but they are worlds apart for me. Last year I set my goals on my Birthday. Some of them were:

Be at peace with myself and my past

Run a 5k

Take a college course

Finish the CR 12 Step Program

I’ll admit I didn’t complete all of them as planned. Yet, I don’t feel disappointed or a failure. I learned and grew A LOT last year. I AM learning to be at peace with myself and my past, more than I ever have been in my life. I may not have run a 5k, but I learned to LOVE running and found an outlet for my stress. I did not complete that college course, but I am completing a  program at work to become a Training Specialist. I did not finish the 12 Steps, but I learned a lot about myself and the reasons behind some of my addictions. I feel more in control of those substances, instead of them controlling me (and thanks to the baby I am now 3 and a half months sober).

Over all 2013 was a year of challenges and adventures. I grew as a person. My marriage became stronger. I made new and wonderful relationships. I’d say it was a success.

My Goals for 2014 are very personal and possible. They are goals, there is a plan and baby steps means progress and victory!

  • Become a more balanced person.

I tend to do something to the extreme, and then drop off the grid. I want to be more balanced in my overall schedule and in my emotional and mental state.

  • Learn to love my body AS IT IS and for WHAT IT CAN DO

I am slowly seeing how skewed my personal image still is. I can’t remember where I read it, but there was a blog that talked about loving your body for what it is capable of doing. My body works hard and brings home a paycheck to help take care of my family. My body is growing a baby. My body can do amazing things to please my husband. My body helps me in creating and completing all the cool projects I love doing. My body can DO amazing things!

  • Keep the house tidy

That may sound like a “duh” to some people or an “impossible task” to others. For those who know me they would be surprised I feel the need to improve in that area (but at last I am human and I’ve been letting things go. This house is NOT always clean as most would think). I really have been slacking in that area, and with the baby coming… I don’t want to be overwhelmed or have a cluttery house all the time with a newborn. That is just an unnecessary stress factor. It seriously takes 10 min out of my day. 5 to do the dishes (letting them pile up until we’re using plastic forks has been a really BAD habit) and 5 min to pick up and laundry, trash, or other items that are spread across the house.

  • Keep my Husband FIRST

As I mentioned before I tend to pour myself completely into one thing and go to the extreme. In this up coming year I will be taking on more responsibility at work and welcoming our first child into the world. Two huge time and energy suckers. I do not want my career or my children to ever wiggle up above my husband on the priority scale. I know some people will disagree with the children part, “shouldn’t they come first?” “What about motherly love?” I honestly believe that loving their father and putting him first will trickle down and show them all the love they need. So in the middle of diaper changing and dealing with grumpy customers; date night, serving my husband, and looking sexy will still be on the top of my priority list.

That is about it. I’m sure that I will add more as the year progresses. I am excited for the challenges, relationships, and adventures that 2014 brings. Isn’t that what it is all about? Living life to the fullest…realistically.


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