DIY Baby Changing Pad Tutorial

baby changing pad

I was inspired by this post from Jordana Paige to make a changing pad that could easily slip into the diaper bag and go anywhere. I used one of these types of reusable bags earlier to make a bib and I loved working with the material.

So off to the Dollar Tree I went to pick up this bag. It is neutral in color so it would work for any baby and it is mostly brown, so messy won’t look so messy. 🙂

I literally made this for $1

All the other materials I needed I had around the house.


First I used a stitch ripper to take the binding off of the edges of the bag. I also removed the handles and top binding.


Here are all the materials you will need:

reusable shopping bag (the kind that are plastic on one side of the material and soft on the other)

1/4 yd fabric (I used remnant from the sheet that I had for an earlier project)

hair elastic (or elastic from the craft store)

Large button


After laying the largest part of the bag flat, I sewed one of the side panels of the bag to the bottom edge of the changing pad.

I used a zig zag stitch here.


Next I put the fabric and largest piece of the baby wrong sides together and pinned the thin binding from the bag on the long edges, sewing with a straight stitch.


When I got to the bottom where the side panel piece was I folded over the extra to make the edging.


I used a straight stitch that was double strength  ( setting on my machine)

A regular straight stitch or zig zag stitch will work fine as well.


Using the thicker binding from the top of the bag, I made the edges for the top and bottom of the changing pad.

Cutting them to the right length and folding the edges over for a refined look.

I also tied a large hair elastic and slid it through a hole that I had made in the center of one of the edges.



Next I pinned and sewed the edges to the top and bottom of the changing pad.

(the one with the elastic goes on the top)


I reenforced the elastic loop with a few stitches.


Here is the almost finished product



Taking the bottom part and folding up so that the brown panel is on the inside now, I sewed zig zag stitch on either side to create a pocket.


Using the pocket as a guide, I folded up the changing pad.






Adding a button where it would hold the folded pad closed.




Pocket for diapers and wipes


big enough, yet folds to a convenient travel size


Fits in the diaper bag that I made


it fits length-ways or up and down


I can’t wait to hear how it came out for you!

*Update: I made another one! This time a girl theme. I bought 1/2 yd of clearance fabric and then a Valentine’s Day bag from the Dollar tree, they worked perfect.1797329_10202915154780858_354592247_n



5 thoughts on “DIY Baby Changing Pad Tutorial

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  4. The diaper bag I was gifted didn’t come with a changing pad – so glad I found this tutorial! I was able to whip one of these up with things I had on hand, and $1.55 for a small cut of fabric. Your directions were so easy to follow, and I’m very pleased with the outcome. Thanks so much!!

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