Baby Washcloths DIY

baby washcloths

I have to start out today by saying I am so blessed with a patient and understanding husband. He doesn’t mind if I take a nap instead of do the dishes or work on my “projects” instead of the “To Do List”. He is very encouraging in my hobbies and patient in my pregnancy-ness. (not that I ever let the house “go” or things get too far backed up, but a day here and there of being “lazy” he is very understanding about).


So, today I picked up some supplies for a few more projects I’ve been wanting to do. Before I could start in I had to make some progress on a special order bag that I’ve been working on. I LOVE the print on this laptop bag. I will be sure to share once it is finished.


Out of all the things I bought I decided to begin with the Baby Washcloths. I got the idea from Its a Priceless Life. At the Dollar Tree I bought a package of 4 washcloths for $1.


JoAnn’s didn’t have any pirate flannel, so I settled on this cute under the sea pattern. It was full price, but with my coupon I got a 1/4 yd for $0.89.


Unroll the washcloths and measure (if you are not using the same ones I did) Mine measured in at 7×7. Cut 4 squares out of the flannel to the appropriate size (for me that was 7×7)


Remove the tag from the washcloth and spread it out onto the flannel. It may not be exactly square.

Pin the washcloth to the flannel right sides facing in.


Sew around the edges stopping about 1 1/2 in from where you began. Trim corners if your washcloth is rounded.


Flip right side out, fold over remaining edge, and sew.


Here is the contrast of terry cloth and flannel


They came out so cute!


These ones are very gender neutral, but you would make them any print you’d like.


I can’t wait to make more. They are awesome for Baby Shower Gifts.



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