Remote Control Holder turned into a Baby Storage Station




I saw a Pin on Pinterest suggested that you use a remote control holder that goes on the side of your couch to hold baby items (bottles, toys, spit up cloths) so they are ready and available during feeding or rocking when you are in the living room. I thought to myself, I can make that!


I could have used the pirate fabric for this, but with us already having a shared master/nursery I thought I would try to keep the living room more “adult tones”. (I love my kid, but he isn’t taking over the entire house… yet). I used a remnant from a curtain that already went with the colors of the living room. I made the Baby Storage Station for the Love Seat, since that is post likely where we would be sitting if we had him in the living room for feeding/rocking time. Bonus: this also holds my ipad or books so I can start using it now. Also it will be large enough to hold children’s books for down the road when we have story time.


I cut the fabric as wide as I felt I needed and suited the arm of the chair (let the couch or chair you will be using it on be your guide)

Length wise I needed a 40″ piece of fabric total, divided into two pieces. One being 32″ One being 8″.




Taking the 8″ piece I pinned the top hem and sewed in place.


Then I took the bottom of both pieces and pinned wrong side to right side. (see picture below)


Once that is sewed in place, I flipped the “pocket” up into place and pinned the sides.

Then down the entire length of both sides I pinned, ironed, and hemmed.


Careful not to catch your thumb in the sewing machine like I did (ouch!)


Your project is finished!!!


Mine is holding a toy, bottle, and burp cloth.


It also holds a good book or my ipad.



A great way to keep those baby necessities handy without cluttering up the whole living room. Also multipurpose!



3 thoughts on “Remote Control Holder turned into a Baby Storage Station

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