A Fork in the Road



I was excited for one of the posts I’ve been working on, “2+baby=650ft shared”. I was going to take you for a complete tour of our apartment. Show you how I make everything fit and use space efficiently. Show off all of the babies new things. Share our Nursery/Master bedroom combo… You get the picture. Now instead of that post, I am sharing this one. There is a fork in the road ahead, and we’re choosing our path.

Last week I came home from work to a very worked up husband. In one day he found out life changing news about two of his grandparents. With our work schedules, I literally saw and talked to him for five minutes as he relayed the message and told me his feelings. He wanted to move back North. I was shocked and overwhelmed by it all. We spent the rest of the day and evening figuring out what this meant for us. It eventually turned into a conversation about where do we see ourselves in five years, who do we want to raise out son around, and what path will we need to take to get there? What I’m going to tell you next may shock you. You might even judge us for it. Here are the two paths that lie before us in this fork in the road. A.) stay here where I have a promotion lined up I have been working towards for the last year and a half and my husband has a second interview with a company that has benefits, paid vacation, a very good salary, and in a great area. We have friends and support. It is a great city. It’s sunny 90% of the time. In another year or so we could get a house and be living the dream. B.) Move back closer to family. Start over, again. Hope I can transfer to a franchise. Search out a part time job for him and he goes back to school. Snow. Be financially reset. Move in the with in-laws at 6 months pregnant.

Most people would freak. In the past I did. I immediately would ask everyone I know “pray we make the RIGHT choice.” and proceed to worry and way out the pros and cons over large glasses of alcohol. Since I can’t wash it away with Whiskey, I had to face it straight on. It was really amazing to see how much I’ve grown in the last year by how I reacted to this situation. I didn’t go out and tell my 10 closest friends. I didn’t worry about making the RIGHT choice. I didn’t drown myself in sorrow and some random indulgence. I feel such a different peace about this situation. It was no longer, which road is “right”, but which road do we want to take right now. Which one is the adventure we feel best for us to get to our ultimate goal. Honestly life would go on and be great either way. Both have challenges and trials, both have good points and benefits.

If you’ve ever played an adventure based video game (my husband is a gamer) you know that one does not skip a village or a longer road to simply get to the end of the game faster. That is the whole point of the game, the adventure as it happens. If you take the shorter path or skip a village, you may miss an important tool or piece of knowledge that is vital later in the journey. The same is true in life. Taking the shorter, easier, most mapped out route may not always be the best choice. Remember, life is about adventure!

I also wasn’t looking for a “sign” this time around. Honestly if I was, we would be staying in Texas. The day we first decided that we were considering moving I had a sit down with my DM about my promotion and he received a call for a job offer. Everything was going great for us here, and potentially even better. So why risk it? A text from my husband saying something we used to swear by when we were REALLY poor snapped me back to reality. “I’d rather have just enough and be happy and spend time with those I care about, then rich and miserable.”

There is a song called “Fast Cars”, It was one of my favorites when we were first married. It goes through a story of two people in love and dreaming of a better life. In the end they get everything they could have dreamed of, but they miss the simpler days when all they had was their car and each other. Life consumed them and left them lacking what really mattered.

So that is a little insight into my personal life. I hope it inspires you at whatever point in your journey that you are. I will continue to post tutorials, P33, momma stuff, and more on here as I can. -TMW


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