Graze Box Review

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the new snack crazes going around. There are several companies providing healthy snacks shipped right to your door. After seeing a promo code for one called “graze” I decided I would try my FREE box.

It came in the mail last night. It is small enough of a box to fit in a mailbox, so no worries about it having to be left outside or at the Post Office. Inside were 4 individual sized portions of tasty treats. Each one looks delicious, we tried the honeycomb flip. Yummy!

It is a great size for a single person, not much to share. The snacks are healthy, quality foods. Between that and the shipping being included in the price, $6 isn’t that bad for the box.

You can also set up online how often you want a box sent and can skip or postpone a box at anytime. Once you try a snack you can go to their website and vote if you like it or not for future boxes.

When you sign up you get a promo code to share with your friends. The first and faith box is free, and you get a dollar off of a box for ever friend who uses your code. I’ve decided to cancel our subscription. It was yummy, but not enough to share. Also we will be moving (which was super easy to change the address online) so money is a little tight.



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